The water plenty of pour fishes


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To many of them will not grow to the age of 8 so… keep going like that and in the next life you will keep the same fate from God himself and you will be those fish from hundreds in human water prison.

Why people keep such a beautiful fishes in such a tighten space and amount of water. Is this normal or we just like to for feel pleasures of those who are rich and famous but they forget about another life form of creature that lives, as likely as we must breath this fishes must re catch the oxygen from the water. But think how plenty of oxygen is the water where is to little place for 20 animals and what’s more than 200. They don’t take pleasure from the feature in nature that gives us the satisfaction and only that. True is painful. We are the monster bad creatures making those little fishes feel pain inside their neuronal sources that focus them only on the surviving the next episode in their pour, tight of space and painful life. Just think twice before you will create the idea to prison the animal in not appropriate conditions to normally exist. Just think you man from the mankind.


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