Nowadays 3D motion picture and it’s influence on the society environmental perception…

The final renders of my 2 new animations, which will take at least 4 days long to finally be post rendered and than ready to post production process and just after that already than to be posted as an artwork in HDTV format on the blog on my website. 3D Design is apart big part of my life…

Magnifison Productions Studios 3D LTD.

  •                          Great technology surrounds us everyday, often we need its help in everyday living and providing our services to achieve our goal, which for everybody is a different one target to reach. Future development, TV broadcasting platforms and even single little commercial companies need this technology to serve them well, developing their market status and rank if it’s important in such and not another branch of business at a time. Just being consulted of the price it’s consumed by to accelerate our brand good working and prospecting on the market we must agree with the fact, that there is nothing for none.
  •                              Everything, which costs a lot, can bring back the good resulting profits in the nearest future, giving us the possibility to show…

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