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3D Motion Picture- Video Postproduction and video productions with soundtrack including after Postproduction and arrangement with mastering process.

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Our music production

We produce music tracks and phone rings sound to download, but right in now we have a little break in ceation proces according to the music arrangement and sound mastering and postproductions. We have some virus on the computer and we are forced to re-install all system and all software we make our productions on. But don’t worry, it won’t stop our development which will allow us to give you the best services feedback as we only can do for our customers and viewers. Thank you everybody for you interestment and beliefs sin our brand. Regards. Marcin Jędrzejczak from Magnifison … Continue reading Our music production

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Nowadays 3D motion picture and it’s influence on the society environmental perception…

  •                          Great technology surrounds us everyday, often we need its help in everyday living and providing our services to achieve our goal, which for everybody is a different one target to reach. Future development, TV broadcasting platforms and even single little commercial companies need this technology to serve them well, developing their market status and rank if it’s important in such and not another branch of business at a time. Just being consulted of the price it’s consumed by to accelerate our brand good working and prospecting on the market we must agree with the fact, that there is nothing for none.
  •                              Everything, which costs a lot, can bring back the good resulting profits in the nearest future, giving us the possibility to show the best quality product on the market, so that the bigger companies and corporations could find out it necessary for their use in commercial media.These one can only quickly reinforce our trademark as just more recognizable on the market. This market is huge of course but the best way to be visible is just to be shown as many times as it’s only possible through the media services, so that many people could be given the knowledge about our existence and offers presented by our companies and single cell business companies on the market.
  •                                What I’m going to say is just as simple as presenting  the dependencies between good TV advertisement promoting video and on the other side the chance of being more often recognized on the market as a good trademark or good and trusted company with interesting politics of services and stuff to buy.
  •                                We, as the fresh companies or just young developers, simply need the additive and good realistically presented development on the screen. This thing, which develops us up in the best ever possible way is just a realistic and 3-dimensional presentation of what we do everyday as a trademark for people to use it, buy or share with another possible customers. Whatever way we look on this subject it is still bringing us to the greater possibility of success. Isn’t it?
  •                               Few decades ago when 3D presentations and videos weren’t such a popular way of showing people what’s around us in our everyday’s world, we just had no idea and perception way of understanding many things existing worldwide. In the same way we didn’t know such a many popular trademarks or films shown in the cinemas. Advertisement has existed and always has had an influence on our knowledge about surrounding us reality and its actual picture, but now the possibilities are much more increased in possible amount of ways to show the people what is surrounding them directly in the place they locally live.
  •                             Earlier in the past it was not as easy to get to everybody’s head and show what really creates ,,nowadays”. Today we’ve got such a possibility, that’s why the 3D Motion Picture Advertisement in my point of view is very important genre in developing any trademarks or companies’ brand.                              
  •                              Without accurate TV advertising or even using all campaigns of TV Clips in HD quality to make people get used to the logo, trademark and worldwide opinion and statement on the market, the true goal to reach – good trade mark opinion and people’s trust, is very difficult to achieve.


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